This one-day workshop features the complete Color Theory & Frameworks Program, including all three courses in one dynamic day!  The program is designed to refresh, explore, and advance critical color knowledge aspects pertaining to products, brands, and built environments.

Participants will also enjoy a special viewing of the Color Association’s one-of-a-kind private archive collection which includes color forecasts dating back to the organization’s inception in 1915.


This special offer is particularly suitable for color professionals and executives who are interested in stimulating and further anchoring their foundational color knowledge to improve their color design and strategy decisions. Students will also benefit from the program and, as an added incentive, we offer half-off the tuition to current students.

This program encompasses our popular three-consecutive classes, including:

Color in Context

Making evidence-based color decisions requires much more than creative intuition.  In this increasingly global world, understanding the role that culture and commercial context play in color design decisions is critical to the successful introduction of products and offerings. Topics covered will include a review of color in culture (within multiple geographies), color in context (product, brand, or built environment), and color in industry (effective color palettes). Reviewing real-life examples, this module offers the benefit of acquiring knowledge of key color design consideration, as well as addressing how these lessons can be applied at work. 

Color Branding

In today’s business environment, color becomes a critical component in creating memorable presence of brands. Illustrated through case-studies examples and best practices, issues like visual identities, the impact of changing technology and the going-to-market via virtual distribution channels will be discussed. Sharing expertise and using the vocabulary of color to communicate an emotionally inspiring brand story, this module will re-establish and further advance your visual color understanding and tools and it will provide frameworks by which you can assess as well as improve branding through color.

Color Forecasting Application

Applying color forecasting to the design of products, brands, and environments has often been a challenge for designers. This module is designed to advance your ability to work as a color forecaster and/or utilize others’ color forecasts, improve your color forecasting processes, and validate color forecasts. A comprehensive color forecasting methodology, that can be applied immediately at work, will also be provided.