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Change Lives

Denver Public Schools (DPS) has been one of the fastest growing urban school districts in the country, and the district has made a strong commitment to closing the achievement gap. But we need your help.

Working as a teacher or school leader in Denver allows you the opportunity to positively impact our students’ educational journey. You can help Denver students achieve their full potential by joining a school staff that aspires to reflect the backgrounds of its students. You can be that teacher or school leader they’ll never forget.

Change the Game

If you want to work in an environment that welcomes boldness and innovation, Denver is the place to be. Our city has led the nation in education innovation in its charter, innovation and district-run schools, and DPS has a track record of offering teachers and leaders unique incentives while helping them hone their professional skills.

Be a Leader

Here in Denver, you can truly make a difference.”

Mayor Michael B. Hancock

Denver is in a prime position to help shape your career and support you to become a true leader in education – in any role you may play in our schools. Whatever your professional goals may be, our Mile High community will help you reach them.

Interested in learning more about school leadership in Denver? Follow the links below to learn about some of the programs available in our city or visit our hiring partners’ websites for information on their internal pathways to becoming a principal.

  • Catapult Leadership
  • Relay Graduate School of Education
  • University of Denver’s Ritchie Program
  • University of Colorado Denver’s Admin Leadership & Policy Studies Program

Interested in taking your civic involvement outside of the classroom? There are a variety of opportunities to get involved in board service and volunteering on behalf of organizations across the city. You can also grow your career beyond the school district through Denver-based leadership programs, including:

  • The Latino Leadership Institute
  • Leadership Denver
  • Impact Denver
  • University of Colorado Denver’s Doctorate in Educational Equity

Jesse Tang

I am a proud Denver transplant from Massachusetts working with Denver Public Schools.

Begin Story

What are some of the things that you love about Denver?

There are so many things to love about Denver: the beautiful scenery, the plethora of great restaurants, the work-life balance, and the ease and accessibility compared to other large cities – just to name a few!

What neighborhoods in Denver do you like? Why?

The scene in the Highlands is always changing and growing – I love stopping by for a walk, a bite of food, or just to see friends.

What is your favorite restaurant or entertainment activity in Denver?

Some of the best food that I’ve eaten in Denver resides along Federal Blvd. by my school neighborhood in Ruby Hill. Whether it’s great Mexican food, a hot bowl of Vietnamese noodles, or tasty plates of dim sum, I’m always happy to have dined on Federal. With regards to entertainment, I’ve gone to see the symphony (I highly recommend their Audience Choice night!) and some local plays. Watching movies downtown at the Pavilions is always easy and comfortable. And I’m just beginning to explore all of the day trips to the great outdoors accessible from Denver.

What is a popular myth about Denver that your experience has dispelled?

Since living here, the myth that you must be an “outdoor expert” has been dispelled. I certainly am not one, and yet, have found so many experiences (outdoorsy and not) to enjoy. There’s something for everyone in Denver!