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Hello, Sunshine

“There are so many things to love about Denver: the beautiful scenery, all the great restaurants, the work-life balance, and the ease and accessibility compared to other large cities – just to name a few!”

Jesse Tang, Year Zero Principal at Schmitt Elementary

Wipe those images of snow-covered streets from your mind. The rumors of our wintery climate are greatly exaggerated. With 300 days of sunshine a year, we actually see more blue sky than Miami Beach or San Diego. And when it does snow in the city, there’s usually a sunny, spring-like day around the corner to melt it all away.

Welcome to the New West

Denver is so much more than the mountain town it once was. With hundreds of music venues and festivals, theaters, art galleries, museums, and the nation’s largest performing arts complex, there is no shortage of engaging entertainment options.

Work Hard, Play Hard

You don’t have to suit up in spandex for a bike ride to enjoy Denver’s sports scene. Denver is home to professional teams in the four major sports – football (Denver Broncos), baseball (Colorado Rockies), basketball (Denver Nuggets), and hockey (Colorado Avalanche) – as well as soccer (Colorado Rapids) and indoor and outdoor lacrosse (Colorado Mammoth, Denver Outlaws).

If you’d rather play than spectate, Denver is one of the most active cities in the nation, with countless leagues in just about every sport you can think of for all ages and all ability levels. We love to get outside and play!

Eat Well, Live Well

From chic downtown hot spots to hole-in-the-wall restaurants serving up authentic ethnic cuisine, Denver has plenty of options to make you feel right at home. The Mile High City is a haven for chefs and is quietly becoming one of the best food cities in America.


With more than forty breweries in Denver and many others in the surrounding areas, there is a locally-brewed beer to satisfy every taste bud. Beer not your thing? There is a broad range of wineries, tasting rooms and local distilleries across the metro area for you to enjoy.​


Andrew Stamatkin

 I am a proud Denver transplant from Texas working with KIPP Colorado Schools.

Begin Story

What are some of the things that you love about Denver?

The proximity to the mountains. The cool people. How condensed it is and how easy it is to get around. I can get on the train and be downtown in ten minutes, and that’s really nice. And everyone loves being outside, even if it’s cold and snowy – it doesn’t stop people from doing it.

What neighborhoods in Denver do you like? Why?

The Highlands because it’s up and coming. Sloan’s Lake because the lake is great.

What is your favorite restaurant or entertainment activity in Denver?

I really like riding my bike on the Platte River trail.

What is a popular myth about Denver that your experience has dispelled?

I don’t know if its a myth, but even when it does get cold it doesn’t stop anyone from being outside.